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Posted Tuesday, March 19, 2013 07:31 AM

A (Very) Popular Personal Health Record

A man sitting at a computer holding a bottle of prescription medicine.

More than 300,000 Veterans refill their prescriptions online each month using the My HealtheVet program.

by Hans Petersen, VA staff writer
Monday, March 18, 2013

The Remarkable Success of My HealtheVet

Many Veterans are now using VA’s online electronic health program called My HealtheVet.

Each month, there are about half a million users logging in, and more than 300,000 Veterans refilling their prescriptions using the handy online service.

The articles on the My HealtheVet website have more than 100,000 views each month. And about 5,000 new Veterans start using the popular and convenient VA Blue Button feature to download their health records each week.

Just as impressive is the fact that nearly 600,000 Veterans are using the latest component of the program called Secure Messaging to communicate electronically with their health care teams.

We want to encourage Veterans to keep using the features of the program…

Garland Dean Wiggs, a Korean War Navy Veteran, is one of them. “Nineteen-thirty was a great year and so was 2011, thanks to the VA’s My HealtheVet. I urge you to join me in managing your own health,” he says.

My HealtheVet is an online personal health record. Hundreds of younger Veterans, those coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, who do everything online, are signing up and using it every day. But it’s not just younger Veterans using it.

Vietnam and older Veterans are also finding it the most efficient way to keep track of all their health and medical information.

And you don’t have to be a VA patient to use it.

Keep Using It

“We have a lot of Veterans signing up for My HealtheVet. We want to encourage them to keep using the features of the program as an ongoing tool to help them take charge of their health,” says Lori Evanochick, MHV Coordinator at the Durham VA Medical Center. “The real value of a personal health record is using it on a regular basis as a constant reminder of those important things that we all need to keep monitoring,” she added.

What can you put in your My HealtheVet personal health record?

Example portion of a downloaded health record, showing details of a prescription history


With a Basic Account you can:

  • Add information to a personal health journal about non-VA and over-the-counter medications, allergies, medical events, tests, family and military health history.
  • Record and track personal information such as contact information, emergency contacts, health care providers and treatment locations, and health insurance information.
  • Record and track personal health measurements such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, heart rate, body temperature, weight, pain level, etc.
  • Print a wallet ID card with the information you enter in your personal health record

One of the greatest features of the program is the VA Blue Button.

Blue Button. Download My Data.


You use it to view, print, download and save your information. You can share that information with your doctor, family members, your caregiver or anyone you trust.

It’s easy. Of course, it’s free and it was designed by Veterans just like you.

Veteran John Scott, a VA patient, uses the program quite a lot. As he explains, “I have learned how to live a healthy life with chronic back pain. With My HealtheVet, I can track how I feel and what I do. Keeping track of all this helps me see what works best.”

Coordinators at all VA Medical Centers

My HealtheVet has a lot of great features like ordering your VA prescriptions online. Right! No more standing in line! Or checking your VA appointment time. Or reviewing what you and your VA doctor talked about at your last visit.

If you want someone to walk you through it, remember that every VA medical center has a My HealtheVet Coordinator. Ask to see them after your next appointment and find out how easy and smart it is to be in control of your health care decisions. Get started today!

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