Members and non-members
Posted Friday, September 7, 2012 06:06 PM

Only members can post information on a veteran listed on the "Veteran's Room" page. That means that when you click on one of those names, you have to join in order to provide any information on that veteran. What you post must be approved by one of the administrators before it will be published. The veteran themselves or any family member may join and post the information. Additionally, a friend, classmate or anyone else that has a story about a particular veteran is welcome to post their stories (but they too must join before they can post), subject to the approval of one of the administrators. Once a person joins they can post in both the veteran's room and the Message Board.

If a person does not want to join but still has an interesting story about one of our Eagle Lake Military Veterans they would like to share, they may do so in the "You can find it here" page under the "Random thoughts" forum. One of the administrators will review the story and, if appropriate, forward it to the veteran or the veteran's family member for approval. Upon approval the story will be posted under the appropriate veteran's name. The name of the person providing the story will not be disclosed unless that person chooses to allow their name to be published.