Posted Thursday, September 6, 2012 04:50 PM

I was sitting in my studio with the TV on. I was editing some sound tracks for a guy in Nashville that he wanted to use in the upcoming music awards show. I had my earphones about half on and the phone in one ear doing some digipoint editing (we were using an early, and very primitive version of Pro-tools) while listening to the instructions being given me over the phone as he was listening to what I was doing on my end. All of a sudden I heard him say "What the hell?" I thought I had made a  bad edit and I asked what I did. He said "Turn on CNN now!" I clicked on the remote just in time to see smoke coming from a tall building and the announcer saying a plane hit one of the twin towers. It was a very short time later we both saw the second plane hit. He said "Wrap it up, I'll take it as is" and I suppose he did as I and lots of other people did, stayed glued to the TV for a week.